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Alora Cheek

Welcome to Intuition Upgrade

Doors Close 9pm MST Aug 3, 2021 to join the Abundance Experience, channeled by the Guides

Let's Do This

I channel my Guides, Halae and it is time for me to bring you all of their info and my info about how hear, use, and apply your intuition so you can live a Source-Led life.

(Go from uncertainty and tangled life to clarity and guided life.)

Rock All Of This

I bring you decades of experience in helping spiritual women but I also channel my guides, Halae. They are AWESOME. Together we help you:

- Understand and apply your intuition so you can make great decisions: THE INTUITION PATH

- Learn the 7 manifestation lessons that you can apply to any topic with success: THE MANIFESTATION PATH

- Understand yourself and your relationships so you can transform the world you live in with others: SELF-LOVE & BOUNDARIES

- Reach mastery by engaging in a community of positive spiritual women for practice, feedback, and help: HAPPY INTERNET

- Feel supported and at home because there is no such thing as "too spiritual", your emotions are not "too much", and you are not "too sensitive": OWN YOUR GIFTS

Get Ready for Aug 1st

Only members who are in by the deadline of end-of-day Aug 3, 2021 get in on the abundance course Halae is creating. It’s an intentional course, channeled specifically for those members, leading them through an expansion on how to let in the stuff that sometimes is between the stuff: cash, dollars, money, digital currency.

If you join before Aug 1, 2021 you get access to this amazing community of women, weekly Q&A on Tuesdays (Noon and 7pm MST) and weekly channelings (Sundays 2pm MST) attend live or watch the replays.

Videos are in a library that is searchable. With captions. And downloadable audio and transcripts. Watch, listen, or read on the go.

But most importantly: take it a bit at a time. There is no need to keep up with everything. There is an easy unfolding.

And so it is, 

Alora & the guides Halae

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