Intuition Upgrade
Intuition Upgrade
Alora Marie

Welcome to Intuition Upgrade

A fun, supportive, place for spiritual women to circle up, intuition up, and be Source-led? YES!

Clear Intuition Can Be Learned

But it takes practice. Come practice with us. :)

This Membership Is For Actual Growth

I wanted a non-Facebook group where we were focused on actual growth and not just scrolling, so I made this membership.

I wanted a place where spiritual women who believed in personal integrity could gather and share and learn and grow together, so I made this membership.

I wanted a place where I could channel the Guides, Halae, for those who wanted their type of Source-led guidance, so I made this membership.

This membership is a fantastic place for spiritual women to be when they want to celebrate authentically, or be heard, or learn how to consciously create WITH their sensitivities and intuition and calling.

We Are In This Together

We learn by doing. We learn together. We learn through experience. We learn through realization.

Each Sunday at 2:00pm Mountain Time there is a channeled Broadcast. You can submit questions. The replays are available in the membership.

At least two Tuesdays a month at 6:00pm Mountain Time we have Q&A time together on Zoom to laugh and share and be in community in our pajamas if we want to and ask the Guides questions. The replays are available in the membership.

Optional Bonus: A least once a quarter I hold a Women's Moon Lodge which is a journey circle where we journey together. That time/day varies. This one is not recorded.

You also get a DEEP discount on 1-1 sessions if you want a private session with me or a channeled session.

You also get perspective about how to actually thrive in your life while being spiritual.

Transformation doesn't have to be lonely or scary. It doesn't have to disrupt your life or cause drama - especially if you are spiritually sensitive.

Join if you feel the nudge.
We can't wait to welcome you.

Alora & The Guides, Halae

P.S. If you don't already know me, the YouTube video linked at the top of this page is a great (and fun!) intro. I speak for the first half and channel for the second. So much great info. 😃

P.P..S You get whatever price you join the membership for as long as you are a member. If the price goes up for new members you still keep your original price. ✔️

P.P.PS. I try to be consistent with my events for the members because I know you come to look forward to them (me too!), so if I ever have to change a date sometimes, know that I tune into how to shift that on calendar for us all. Thank you, everyone. ❤️

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